Moxie Smart Gear


Personalized gear for the ride ahead

Moxie Smart Gear are cutting-edge pieces uniquely designed for the Moxie lifestyle produced in collaboration with premium brands.

Moxie T-shirt

Moxie 100% cotton t-shirt with pre-wash to prevent shrinkage. Lightweight, so you can keep cool on a hot day.

Moxie Cap

Surf-inspired cap with 3D embroidered Moxie logo perfect for any outdoor activity. Comes with a snap closure for an easy fit.

Moxie Closca Helmet

Inspired by the Guggenheim in NY, the Closca folding helmet offers safety and lightness. WInner of the most prestigious design awards, it manages to optimally dissipate the impact in the event of an accident. It complies with EN1078 and CPSC impact absorption certificates.

Moxie Hooded Sweatshirt

With an ultra-soft interior and a lined hood, Moxie’s 100% cotton hoodie is perfect for feeling warm and comfortable.

Moxie Leather Briefcase

Maximum elegance with the high quality Moxie leather briefcase that fits electric scooters to carry everything you need on your daily commute. Handcrafted, it features springs that protect electrical equipment from road vibrations and a waterproof cover that safeguards them from rain and humidity.

Moxie Reflective Jacket

Lightweight and reflective Moxie jacket designed both for outdoor sports and to complete a casual look on colder days. The reflective effect increases safety during outdoor activities.