Moxie Lifestyle


To embrace our brand and culture

Moxie Lifestyle products to embrace our brand and culture. A variety of items available to complement your trip.

Moxie Yoga Mat

Made from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials, the Moxie mat is the perfect yoga mat. Its non-slip material has a natural rubber coating that adds comfort and prevents bacterial growth. It is also lightweight, making it easy to carry.

Moxie Portable Wireless Speaker

Enjoy the highest quality sound with the Moxie portable speaker. It allows you to play music wirelessly for 18 hours with an output power of 20W HIFI Stereo. It is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, making this speaker the perfect companion for any trip. It also allows hands-free calling with built-in high-resolution microphone.

Moxie Carbon Fiber Stand Up Paddle Board

The Moxie Carbon Fiber Stand Up Paddle Board is ideal for any water adventure, whether on the ocean or river. Carbon fiber is strong and light, promoting stability and comfort. Includes oar.

Moxie Basketball Ball

Laminated PU leather basketball of official size and weight. PU leather is a material created to have the same look and feel as leather but without using the skin of any animal. This delicate texture provides a perfect feel in the hands and a good rebound, in addition to absorbing sweat while playing. It is abrasion resistant. Suitable for indoor and outdoor basketball training and practice.

Moxie Chromed Dumbbell 10 kg

10 kg stainless steel Moxie dumbbell perfect for Crossfit training either in a specialized center or independently.

Moxie Volleyball Ball

Laminated volleyball with a delicate texture that provides a perfect feel in the hands. Suitable for indoor and outdoor volleyball training and practice.

Moxie Punching Bag

Solid and durable Moxie punching bag handmade with premium leather and sand filler, perfect for high impact sportsmen and women.

Moxie Carbon Fiber Padle Racket

Moxie’s carbon fiber padel racquet is ideal for any begInner player or those experts looking to improve their game. With a lightweight feel of between 360 and 385 grams, this padel racquet is perfect for quick swings providing increased driving power. Equipped with an EVA core and a non-slip, sweat-resistant grip, it improves overall performance, making it easier to play and giving you a competitive edge.

Moxie carbon fiber suitcase

Handmade from the highest quality carbon fiber, the Moxie suitcase is perfect for any traveler thanks to its lightness and strength. It is a suitcase of great durability due to its anti-scratch protection, resistance to UV rays and glossy finish. inside it is lined with genuine leather and has wheels and handle for easy transport.

Moxie Water Bottle

Keeping a drink hot or cold all day long is easier than ever with Moxie’s 500 ml stainless steel bottle. Created with vacuum technology, it offers a sleek design and allows you to maintain temperature for long periods of time.

Moxie genuine leather bag

Handcrafted top quality genuine leather bag with three interior pockets that offer convenient storage for cash, cards and other personal items. Its waterproof construction makes it the perfect bag for carrying electronic devices such as an iPad along with additional accessories such as cell phone, chargers, etc.

Moxie Soccer Ball

Enjoy the magic of soccer with this officially sized and weighted Moxie ball, designed for indoor and outdoor soccer training and practice. Handcrafted from PU leather, it provides a soft touch feel similar to genuine leather but without using the skin of any animal. It is abrasion resistant.

Moxie Chromed Dumbbell 30 kg

30 kg stainless steel Moxie dumbbell perfect for Crossfit training either in a specialized center or independently.

Moxie Stand Up Paddle Board inflatable

The Moxie Stand Up Paddle Board inflatable can be enjoyed in rivers, lakes and the sea. Its ability to inflate and deflate and its weight between 11 and 15 kg, make it the perfect accessory for traveling.

Moxie Football Ball

Laminated football ball that provides a perfect feel for the practice of this sport on any terrain. Suitable for indoor and outdoor football training and practice.

Moxie Boxing Gloves

The Moxie boxing gloves are perfect for optimizing strength and protecting the hands thanks to their three-layer construction. On the inside there is a high density latex coated foam that provides elasticity, adaptability to the shape of the body, breathability and hypoallergenic character. All this coated on the outside with top quality leather. In addition, these unique gloves have a mechanism that locks the wrist and fingers to prevent possible injuries.