Regular maintenance is more than just a responsibility—it’s a commitment to extending the life of your Moxie Electric Scooter and, most importantly, ensuring the safety of your commutes. Introducing MoxieCare, the optimal solution—a package designed to align perfectly with your enthusiasm for uncomplicated travels. Elevate your ownership of a Moxie Electric Scooter by embracing the MoxieCare package: your key to ensuring the success of all your adventures.

Why MoxieCare?

MoxieCare offers you the opportunity to care for your scooter annually at any of our dedicated Moxie Service Partners. These Moxie Experts specialize in maintaining the peak performance of your scooter, going beyond the coverage provided by the Moxie Warranty.

Hydraulic Brake Care

Entrust your safety to us. We meticulously adjust the hydraulic brake system, change the brake oil to ensure optimal performance, and replace brake pads for responsive stopping power.

Tire and Tube Replacement

We know the importance of solid traction. MoxieCare includes the replacement of both worn-out tires and inner tubes, giving you a steady grip on any terrain.

Folding Mechanism Adjustment

Your convenience is paramount. Our technicians fine-tune the folding mechanism for easy portability without compromising its structural integrity.

Kickstand Replacement

A stable foundation is crucial. Should your kickstand ever falter, our MoxieCare package guarantees its prompt replacement.

Cleaning and Lubrication

A pampered scooter is a high-performing scooter. We provide a comprehensive cleaning and lubrication service to keep every component in peak condition.

Considerations and exclusions
  • You have the flexibility to purchase a MoxieCare package at any time.
  • MoxieCare can be utilized once annually as long as your subscription remains active.
  • Shipping the Moxie Electric Scooter to and from the Moxie Service Partner is the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner.
  • MoxieCare only covers the specified parts. If you require a repair not included in the MoxieCare package and would like a service quote, please reach out to us at: service@moxiemicromobility.
  • If, upon receiving your Moxie Electric Scooter at our Service Partner’s facility, we find that a repair not covered by the MoxieCare package is necessary, we will provide you with a quote and arrange payment.