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Moxie Planet is the place where sustainability and environment are at the forefront of people’s minds. We've reimagined the way to commute.

Moxie Planet

We’ve reimagined the way to commute

Moxie Planet is the place where sustainability and environment are at the forefront of people’s minds. Thanks to our innovative approach, we have discovered a more efficient, sustainable and intelligent way of transportation. In other words, we have reimagined the way people move around cities. This is how we have built the idea of our perfect world.

A new solution is needed

First, we know that the world around us is rapidly transforming, and people are changing the way they think, behave and travel. That is why we are on the cusp of the biggest transportation disruption in history. As a result, the way we commute is about to change.



4.6 million shared scooters will be in operation worldwide by 2024



2.5 billion more people will live in cities challenging urban capacities

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The majority of trips people take in cities are 5 miles or less



Annual passenger traffic will exceed 80 trillion, an increase of 50%


C02 growth

CO2 emissions caused by transport are expected to increase by 95% by 2050



1.2 billion cars will be on the road by 2050, double today’s total

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Moxie Micromobility is a new solution

Thus was born Moxie Micromobility, a holistic, premium quality, personal electric mobility solution designed to enhance the movement of people.


Currently, personal electric mobility is innovative, different and radical. That’s why we at Planet Moxie consider it a smart solution, creating an urban lifestyle beyond vehicles. Furthermore, our holistic approach allows us to have a competitive advantage and push the boundaries of how we move around cities.


In order to create the Moxie Planet, we provide state-of-the-art electric vehicles, connected services, and smart gear to help people move in a more responsible, sustainable, and artful way.


Trustworthiness and Honesty

Our word is our most important piece of work. That is, what we say and deliver defines who we are. We want to change the world and the journey through cities but always with loyalty to our product, people and society.


We are a community of highly experienced professionals with a common dream of changing the movement through and around cities. In this way, we share our knowledge and stand united towards our goal.


We are brave and direct but never disrespectful. Therefore, our approach is to pursue innovative ideas, change the movement and explore new holistic concepts.


Our reputation is the best campaign. Hence, our relentless pursuit of excellence has inspired the highest level of quality and demand.


We believe that people and passion improve our society and drive our innovative solutions.

Safety and security

To begin with, safety is our highest priority.

That’s why we have electric scooters with efficient but smooth braking thanks to our four-piston hydraulic front and rear disc brakes with improved cooling rotors.

We also ensure a comfortable and safe vibration-free ride thanks to the One Piece Steering Bar and a 10-micron tolerance Multi-Teeth own design folding mechanism.

We achieve a natural suspension and greater stability with our 12″ x 3″ pneumatic wheels, bigger and wider than usual.

Finally, we enhance safety and stability thanks to the LG Li-on battery cells.

We are a personal electric atelier

That’s why we took special care with every detail in the creation of Moxie electric scooters.

Therefore, we design, distribute and manufacture by hand and from scratch a limited and exclusive quantity of electric scooters to create unrepeatable masterpieces.

Optimal performance

To continue, we pay special attention to the performance of our electric scooters.

That’s why Moxie electric scooters feature a powerful integrated ultra-quiet Direct Drive motor with a maximum force of up to 1,250W.

To ensure optimum performance of Moxie electric scooters, we have ensured a climbing capacity of up to 20° and the ability to travel distances of up to 60 km.

We have also lowered the center of gravity of our electric scooters for greater control and a highly stable ride.

Unmatched Quality

Last but not least, we take care to meet the highest standards of the market and our community.

Thus, we use premium materials that offer comfort and peace of mind on every ride.

In addition, Moxie electric scooters are handcrafted with lightweight, durable and elegant carbon fiber in the handlebars, standboard and fenders.

We also reinforce comfort with Italian Alcantara grips, a high quality, non-slip and flexible microfiber material used in the most prestigious Supercars.

Finally, we created our electric scooters with an aircraft-quality aluminum chassis that offers an integral structure and a design that makes them completely unique.