Powerful Partnership: TheArsenale Teams Up with Moxie for Exciting Collaboration!

In a momentous stride toward redefining the electric mobility landscape, Moxie Micromobility is thrilled to announce its collaboration with visionary brand TheArsenale. Pioneers in their respective domains, this partnership marks an exciting convergence of luxury and innovation.

This collaboration resonates as a significant milestone in the realm of luxury and ingenuity. Two trailblazing brands, Moxie and TheArsenale, are joining forces to inspire forward-thinking individuals while transcending the boundaries of personal electric mobility.

With immense pride, we’ve presented Pat Meignan, CEO and founder of TheArsenale, with a one-of-a-kind “Moxie for TheArsenale Special Edition” electric scooter. This exclusive scooter, a creation of Moxie Micromobility, the new atelier of handcrafted electric scooters, has been meticulously designed to resonate as a symbol of unparalleled uniqueness on a global scale.

At Moxie Micromobility, we provide state-of-the-art electric vehicles, connected services, and smart gear to help people move in a more responsible, sustainable, and artful way. The collaboration with TheArsenale further amplifies our commitment to excellence and aligns perfectly with our vision of a sustainable, eco-friendly future.

An opportunity to introduce Pat Meignan and TheArsenale’s team to the Moxie M8 Limited Edition added another layer of innovation. This masterpiece embodies our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and impeccable design. The recently launched Moxie M8 Limited Edition, currently available in Europe and America, promises an exclusive essence of luxury to its fortunate owners.

The Moxie M8 Limited Edition is a premium electric scooter, combining style and performance in an exclusive handcrafted masterpiece. With only 120 units available in Gold Chrome and 120 in Silver Chrome, it features a high-strength aluminum frame, glossy carbon fiber components, 12″ x 3″ inflatable pneumatic wheels and ergonomic grips lined with genuine Italian Alcantara.

The electric scooter’s 1400 W ultra-silent rear direct-drive motor offers powerful acceleration, and the front and rear hydraulic four-piston disc brakes ensure safe stopping. The 48 V – 16 Ah LG Li-ion battery provides a top range of 60 km (37 mi).

TheArsenale has been elevated to the status of a VIP Business Partner of Moxie Micromobility, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the Moxie M8 Limited Edition firsthand at TheArsenale showroom. This exclusive collaboration reflects the convergence of innovation, craftsmanship, and luxury, providing an unmatched experience.

The dynamic collaboration between TheArsenale and Moxie ushers in a new era of luxury mobility, fusing innovation and artistry to redefine personal electric mobility. As TheArsenale joins the ranks of Moxie Micromobility‘s esteemed VIP Business Partners, a journey of unrivaled experiences and unparalleled luxury begins.

Moxie Micromobility

Moxie Micromobility is a premium, holistic personal electric mobility brand. We provide state-of-the-art electric vehicles, connected services, and smart gear to help people move in a more responsible, sustainable, and artful way.